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The Toolkit provides assistance to Yale University faculty, students, post-docs and staff conducting international activities, whether abroad or on campus. The Toolkit has two main functions:

  • Give the Yale community a central point of access to resources at Yale and elsewhere that support our international activities.
  • Provide information and tools to enhance safety, reduce risks, and assist the Yale community with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to international activities.

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International SOS has created a COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Tool allowing you to search for travel restrictions, flight information, and screening requirements by country.  Requires a NetID to access and Yale’s member ID: 11B824535.

International Payments Training

Register for Online International Payments training. The International Tax Department provides online training sessions throughout the year focused on requirements surrounding payments to non-U.S....

Yale Policy on International Research, Programs and Activities

速度快的伋理ip, International Research, Programs and Activities, was released on January 21, 2023.  It applies to all Yale-affiliated individuals (...

Online Travel Safety Training

Yale community members have access to International SOS 全国动态IP伋理软件推荐,千万IP秒切换哪家最好 - 几何动态 ...:2021-6-3 · 软件介绍:几何动态IP是国内IP伋理软件中一款强大的游戏加速器工具,同时也是网络网游加速软件,提升速度 降低延迟,支持上千款游戏,也是一款国内IP地址转换软件,软件提供全国200+地区静态ip+动态ip地址,千万ip线路一键秒切换,让您的电脑或手机一秒切换ip,有效保护网络,高匿名IP有效 ....  Topics include traveler health and wellbeing, general security, security for female travelers, cybersecurity, air pollution, and coronavirus awareness.  A...


Improve Travel Safety & Security

All Yale community members are automatically enrolled in the International SOS travel assistance plan for both business and pleasure travel.  Travel assistance programs provide 24/7/365 service for Yale students...

Things to Leave Behind (when you travel abroad)

Before you go, read OSAC’s short discussions of import restrictions that U.S. travelers to other countries may not expect:  electronic devices, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and even non-biodegradable plastic bags can run afoul of other countries’...

Immigration Changes

Visit Yale OISS’s ip伋理原理 webpage for information and resources related to new U.S. immigration policies.

U.S. Requirements Change for Passport Photos

Effective November 1, 2016, glasses will no longer be allowed in photos for U.S. passports.  Visit the U.S. Department of State’s ...

Traveling with Extra Batteries: EHS Guidance

Before you travel anywhere by air, be aware there are restrictions on transporting Li (lithium) batteries.  Read EHS’s July 2015 Safety Bulletin...

Global WiFi Access for Yale Travelers

Starting March 26, 2015, the Yale community will be able to use wifi networks in 65 countries worldwide through a service called eduroam, developed for the international research and education community.  To learn more about this resource, visit...

Yale Travel Clinic Changes

Effective September 1, 2017, the Yale Travel Clinic will become Travel Health Services for Students.  Faculty and staff requiring travel health briefings and vaccinations may...


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International Travel Toolkits

Yale Travel Registry

International SOS Online Member Center

International SOS Card

U.S. State Department International Travel

What to do in an Emergency

How To…


University Offices

There are many administrative offices at Yale that provide support for the University’s international activities.  Click here to view a full directory.  Use the links below to visit their websites.

Office of International Affairs
International Tax Office
Office of International Students and Scholars
Center for International and Professional Experience
Yale Travel Management
Yale Health
Office of the General Counsel
Information Technology Services
全国动态IP伋理软件推荐,千万IP秒切换哪家最好 - 几何动态 ...:2021-6-3 · 软件介绍:几何动态IP是国内IP伋理软件中一款强大的游戏加速器工具,同时也是网络网游加速软件,提升速度 降低延迟,支持上千款游戏,也是一款国内IP地址转换软件,软件提供全国200+地区静态ip+动态ip地址,千万ip线路一键秒切换,让您的电脑或手机一秒切换ip,有效保护网络,高匿名IP有效 ...
Office of Research Administration
Environmental Health & Safety

International Travel Toolkits For...

Link to travel orientation materials
  • Undergraduate students
  • 多开王 - 单窗口单IP,游戏伋理IP,防封IP,游戏加速器,模拟器 ...:2021-3-5 · 单窗口单IP,游戏伋理IP,防封IP,游戏加速器,模拟器多开,SOCKS5,工作室防封, ... 单进程单IP, 灵活选择 根据您的不同需求,可自行选择伋理任何软件,突破全局IP的限制,想伋理什么就伋理什么,每一个打开的窗口都是不同的IP ...
  • Faculty, staff, & postdocs
  • Student group travel leaders
  • Faculty, staff & postdoc group travel leaders

Assistance for Yale's Overseas Activities

For help with specific activities and links to additional resources, start here:

Acquisitions and Collections
Financial Considerations
Human Resources
International Visitors
Legal Presence
Restricted Activities

Information for Inbound International Students

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves Yale’s community of international scholars, students, and their families.  Go to the OISS website for guidance on inbound visa, immigration, and employment eligibility matters; tax issues; and numerous resources and tips to help prepare incoming overseas students for arrival.


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